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Two-Way Radio Holder Locator

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Two-Way Radio
Raine, Inc.
Product Number
7IC-T7AHP, F21BR, F21GM, F21 52RA2
IC-W32A 52RA2
IC-T8A, F3GT, F3GS, F30GS, F30GT 52RA2
IC-F3, F3S 52RA1
IC-F30LT, F30 52RA2
IC-H8S7-5, 6, 7 52RA2
IC-H28 52RA2
IC-F4, F4S 52RA1
IC-F40LT, F40, F4GT, F40GT, F4TR 52RA2
IC-F48S1, IC-FU28, F4GS, F40GS 52RA2
IC-A3, MV1 52RA2
IC-Q7A, IC-4008A 52RA7
IC-A4, T2H 52RA6
IC-M3A 52RA1
IC-2GXAT, V8, T7H 52RA2
IC-T2A, T22A, T42A 52RA2
IC-W32A, 4088A 52RA4
IC-A22 52RA5
IC-R10, IC M1V, M3H 52RA2
IC-M1, IC T81A, ICF11, T90, F50, F60 52RA7
IC-M15 52RA1
IC-GM1500 52RA3
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GTX, LTS2000 52RA2
Astro Saber, XTS3000 52RA4
i370, i370XL, i280, i470 075N
I600 075F2
i1000 075R
MTX800, 900, LS 52RA2
HT1000 52RA6
JT1000, HT1250, HT750 52RA2
HT1550 52RA2
Talk About (All) 52RA7
Talk About Distance, GT 52RA6
Spirit UHF, VHF, HP 52RA2
MTS2000, MT2000, XTS5000 52RA3
Radius GP350 UHF, VHF 52RA2
Radius GP300 52RA2
Radius P110, XTS1500, MT1500 52RA1
Radius SP10, P10, SP21 52RA2
Radius SP50, PFD3000, XTS 2500/3500 52RA5
Radius SP50 (Compact) 52RA2
Radius P1225, CP110, 150, 200 52RA2
Visar, Plus, CLS 1110, 1410, 1413, 1453 52RA7
CT250, 450, CTS200 52RA2
Spirit MU24CVST, MU11C, MV21CV 52RA7
Spirit MV22CV, GT, HP 52RA7
XU2600, 2100, 1100, 2600, CT 150, 450 52RA2
EX500, EX600XLS 52RA7
MTX 850, 8250, 950, 9250 52RA1
LTS200, PR400 52RA2
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T-50, T40, T9, T90 52RA1
T-20, T8, T80 52RA2
PRO 20, 40, 50, NT 8, 9, 10, 20, 40, 80, 90 52RA2
H112, H412 52RA7
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SPH21/U21 DP, KT, SPS801, 802 52RA6
SPH51 ETX, KTX, SPH 516 52RA2
SPH255/455 ETX, RPV516 52RA2
SP554 KTX 52RA2
TSXE, 454, SPU554 52RA1
SPH155, SPU416 52RA2
SC200, HH955 52RA5
CTD95 52RA3
FRS H985 52RA4
500, 550, HH940P, FRS300-2 52RA7
All Family Radios, All GMRS Radios 52RA7
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TK 250, 350, 235A, 2100, 3100, 3101 52RA6
TK 260, 270, 360, 370, 373, 372 52RA2
TK 430, 431 52RA5
TK 480, 481, Pro-Talk 52RA2
TK 353, 361 52RA6
TK 290, 280, 380, 390 52RA5
TK 352, 353 52RA6
TH 79AD, 22AT, 42AT 52RA2
VCH1 52RA3
UBZ LF14, Free Talk, 3130, 3140 52RA7
THG71A, TH-D7AG, AR14, GR14 52RA7
TK 2140, THF6A, G71A, LH14 52RA7
TK 3130, 3131 52RA7
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SP-100, 120, 130, 140, 150, 300 52RA2
SP-2550, GMRX-21 52RA2
SP-2250, SP-2850 52RA3
SP-5050HD 52RA1
EP-4800, SL-70W 52RA3
TP-4800, 4801 52RA3
HCB-40WX, 30A/C, 10A 52RA3
Max-8D 075XS
FRS-214 075L
FRS-114, 100, SP200, TK14 52RA7
GMRS50, SP300, PL5161, 5164 52RA2
PC 2415, 2445, 2245, 1145, 2215 52RA7
MURS-25, 22 52RA2
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VX1R, VXF-1,5R, VX800, VX10 52RA7
FT-50R, 51, VX400, 246 52RA7
FT10, T40, 11R, 41R 52RA7
FT 23, 33 52RA1
VXA-100, VXF-10, VX210 52RA7
HX240 52RA5
HX381, HX260E 52RA2
VX2R 52RA7
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FTH 2070 52RA4
FTH 2008, 7008 52RA6
VX 10, VX 300, VXF 1, 210 52RA7
VX 500, 510, 900, HX292, HX240 52RA2
VX400, VX800, 160, 180 52RA7
VX110, 150, 2R, 5R, 7R, FT50R 52RA7
VX 200 52RA5
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M-RK 1, 11, Aegis 52RA3
NPL-200, IPE 52RA2
LPE-200, KPC 52RA2
Panther 500, Jaguar 700 52RA3
Monogram 52RA2
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MP08, MP32, Project 25 52RA2
WHS150, RPV516 52RA2
Bk Quest, Aurora, APCO, EPU, DPH 52RA5
BK25, 127A 52RA4
WHS450 52RA6
RPV599A, RRU416, 499 52RA2
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RTX Patriot, 454 52RA5
SST, JBC100, 45A, SST-D 52RA2
JBX 155, 455, 151 52RA5
JMX 150, 450, 100, 102, 152, 452 52RA7
SST 454, Patriot SST 52RA7
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EF Johnson
501X, 504X, 508X 52RA4
751, 754, 7514, 7544 52RA2
5876 UHF 52RA4
8160, 8162 52RA2
Viking CK/CM800 & 900 52RA4
8150, 8152, 8170 52RA5
8561, 8563, 8565, 8566, 8570/71 52RA4
8182, 8190 075F2
7700 Series, 5100 Series 52RA3
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HX 382 52RA5
HX 381, 390, C156E, 558 52RA2
HX2385, C178, C568 52RA5
C510E, C710, C508, HX290, 590 52RA7
PMR446 52RA7
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75-510, 501, 503, 505, 507, 590, 517 52RA7
75-784 52RA1
75-810, 786, 785 52RA5
75-820/822, 160 52RA2
70-172, 272, 78-211 52RA5
75-830, 515, 517, 440, G11 52RA7
F10, 12, 20, G15, G30, P20 52RA7
G223, 225, 227 52RA7
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DJ-190T, 191T, 496T, 59 52RA2
DJ-C5T, 195T, V5T, DJ-S11T 52RA7
DJ-280T, DJ596 52RA2
DJ-C1T, C4T, S46, DJ-S41T 52RA7
DJ-496T, 546, 540T, DJ296 52RA7
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